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Complaints to Police

Complaints to D.M.

Search of premises

Human Rights





Complaints to the Police

Police force in each of the 83 districts, is headed by Senior Superintendent of Police/Superintendent of Police (S.S.P./S.P.) The district police chief is assisted by Additional S.P., Circle Officers(C.O.s). Each police station is headed by Station House Officer(S.H.O.)

The criminal complaints made to the police are investigated by S.H.O. or his subordinates. Serious complaints are looked after by C.O. or other senior levels. Corruption complaints against police are refereed to Anti Corruption Organization. Matters of serious concern are refereed by the Government to the Criminal Investigation Department(C.I.D.). Complaints are also entertained by senior levels like D.I.G.(Range), I.G.(Zone) and Director General of Police.