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Complaints to the District Magistrate(D.M.)

Complaints to Police

Complaints to D.M.

Search of premises

Human Rights



The District Magistrate(D.M.) is the head of the Criminal Administration. He can be approached for redressal of the following grievances.
  1. For problems pertaining to law and order, violation of Human Rights, bonded labour, harassment from gangsters, mafias or goondas. D.M. is empowered to seize the ill-gotten property of the gangsters and extern the goondas from the district.
  2. D.M. can be approached for proper action  under N.S.A.(National Security Act) against those persons who disturb 'Public Order'.
  3. The District Government Counsel or Senior Public Prosecutor/ Public Prosecutor/Assistant Public Prosecutor present cases against the criminals in the court of law. D.M. can be contacted for any problem related to government cases (Section 24/25 Cr.P.C.).
  4. Misuse of weapons.
  5. Action against persons disturbing 'public tranquilly' (Section 107 Cr.P.C.).
  6. Action against persons trying to conceal their presence with a view to commit a cognizable offence (Section 109 Cr.P.C.).
  7. Obtaining security for good behavior from habitual offenders (Section 110 Cr.P.C.).
  8. Action under section 133 Cr.P.C. for taking action against :-
           a) People indulging into 'Public Nuisance'
            b) Hazardous industries
            c) Hazardous buildings
            d) Hazardous animals
  9. Urgent matters of nuisance (Section 144 Cr.P.C.).
  10. Action against persons guilty of keeping stolen property/forged documents (Section 94 Cr.P.C.)..
  11. Abduction of females, children etc.(Section 98 Cr.P.C.).
  12. Complaints regarding death in police custody (Section 176 Cr.P.C.).
  13. Disputes regarding possession of land and property (section 145 Cr.P.C.)
  14. Grievances regarding Child Labour
  15. Grievances regarding Cinema/Video theatres
  16. Grievances regarding jail
  17. Grievances regarding elections
  18. Grievances regarding Land Records, Land Revenue etc.
  19. Grievances regarding Local Bodies