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Complaint Form

Before submitting this form, please ensure that you have sent a detailed complaint to the local authorities.

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Name of person making complaint
Father's name
Telephone number
Email address

Tehseel (Sub Division)
Police Station
Brief description of complaint
Name/Address of accused
Evidence in support of complaint
Have you reported the matter to any of them D.M.
C.O. (Circle Officer)
Any matter related to dispute/ complaint is pending before any court of law
Category (s) of complaint a) Business/Contractual Dispute
b) Land Dispute
c) Offence against females
d) Offence against a member of SC/ST
e) Murder/Disappearance of a person/Death in accident/Suicide
f) Kidnapping/Extortion
g) Encroachment on Government land, including road, park, footpath, gaon samaaj land etc.
h) Breach of peace
i) Demand/Acceptance of Bribe
j) Death in police custody
k) Unlawful detention
l) Decoity
m) Theft
n) Other. Please Specify
Relief required